ATTENTION: Effective 2020-02-18 (CET), we are announcing the end-of-life (EOL) of the iCoolness Website (Portal).

iCoolness parent company, Sweratel describes the goals of its new strategy
Sweratel' goal for the first half of 2020 is to refine its Core Business Concept into Cellular-class ubiquitous WiFi Networked solutions for sustainable digitalized society.

Within the framework of Sweratel’ new strategy, in which the company will focus on its two areas
1. Cloud-managed End-to-End Cellular-class WiFi Networked Solutions and
2. Cloud managed CBS and OSS provisioning services

The company therefore decided to suspend further development of iCoolness and will thus not have iCoolness hosted portal such as Mail and other related services for people in its priority areas for further development.

iCoolness system architecture will be reworked and refined as a value-added applications engine (e-Commerce and e-Meeting and Adv backend solution) for Enterprise customers such as Telcos, MNOs, ISPs including other new entrants from Municipalities, Infrastructure owners, IoE sectors and Networked Society Markets.

iCoolness Mail users are kindly requested to move their mails no later than 2020-03-31.

Sorry for the inconveniences,
The iCoolness Team